Q: What needs to be done to secure a wedding date with the Kylan Barn?

A: All it takes to book your wedding is a payment of half of your Venue Rental Fee and a signed Venue Agreement.

Q: How many can you accommodate inside of the barn?

A: We can be flexible with certain scenarios, but can only seat 250 guests inside of the barn. 

Q: How many round tables ? How many seats at each table?

A: We have thirty 72 inch round tables. Up to 12 can be seated at each table.

Q: Does Kylan Barn supply linens?

A: No. Linens can be supplied through an event rental company.

Q:Are decorations provided?

A: We provide tables and chairs. Our goal is to create an ambiance where no outside decorations will be needed. If you had something special in mind, bring it to management so we can let you know if it can be accomadated.

Q: Are there chairs for outside ceremonies beneath the under hang?

A: Certain areas of our venue have permanent seating. We also have custom-made wood benches which can seat up to four people on each bench; these can be rented for $22 each. If you’d like white folding chairs or something more unique, you’d need to rent them from an event rental company. 

Q: Do you have a ceremony backup plan for inclement weather? 

A:  Of course! The ceremony will take place inside the venue or under the overhang.  You can create an aisle with adequate seating for you guests. 

Q:  What is the security deposit for and why do you need one?

A: The $500 security deposit is refundable and protects all parties involved. The day after your event, you will do a walk-through with a staff member of the barn. They will have a checklist to ensure no damages were made to the barn or landscape. Examples include verifying no guests drove through the landscaping or stole decor, trash (including cigarette butts and pet waste) was properly disposed, etc. If law enforcement is required for any reason, this is result in an automatic forfeiture of your security deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you have indoor bathrooms with handicap accessibility?

A: Yes. We have bathrooms inside with full handicap accessibility designed to accommodate large events. The rental of outside Porta Pottys is not necessary. 

Q: Does this venue meet all local local township and building codes?

A. Kylan Barn meets all fire, handicap, electric, plumbing and building codes outlined by the State of Maryland and Town of Delmar. 

Q:  Is the barn air conditioned?

A:  No. Kylan Barn was designed with four large, rolling doors on each side. Depending on which way wind is blowing, we can control the air flow into the venue. The barn is naturally 10 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Chilling fans are also an option. Both the bathrooms and bridal suite have air conditioning at no additional charge

Q:  Is the barn heated?

A: Yes.

Q: What time do couples normally schedule their ceremony?

A: We will unlock the doors for you at 9 a.m. the day of your wedding. The timeline is yours to plan but we do recommend that a ceremony takes place later in the day to give you & your vendors time to get ready and set up.

Q: Can we purchase additional setup time for our event?

A: Yes. Please email us for information.


Q: Do we need to obtain event insurance?

A: We require you to purchase event insurance only if you choose to supply your own alcohol or include your pet in your ceremony. However, we do recommend all couples to have it. We have worked out all the details with Gary Marshall Insurance Agency. Your policy is estimated to cost $50- $250 and covers any situation that could arise during your event. 




Q: Can we hire our own bartender or bartending service? 

A: If you choose to supply your own alcohol it must be an open-bar and no money can be exchanged between guests and bartenders. Kylan Barn will supply a list of 15-20 Maryland TIPS certified bartenders to help regulate over-serving and underage drinking. The bartenders are not employees of Kylan Barn, just trusted individuals who understand the business of alcohol. It is your responsibility to coordinate with them and negotiate cost of service. They will charge between $200-$250 per event depending on the date and time of year. If you opt against an open bar and choose to purchase alcohol services through your caterer, they are required to have a Wicomico County liquor license and a restaurant. 

 Q: Can we bring our own food? 

A.No. We require meals to be supplied by a professional catering service. Please refer to our Preferred Vendors list to decide which caterer is right for your wedding. 

Q: Does our reservation include an event rehearsal?

A: Yes. We offer a complimentary one-hour rehearsal the Thursday before your event. The one-hour block will be on a first come, first served basis. 

Q: Can we choose our own vendors ?  

A: Yes, with the exception of the bartender you choose from our list.  We ask that you please get approval from management before hiring a vendor that's not on our Preferred Vendors list. We want to ensure your event team is made up of reputable professionals who have your best interests in mind. 

Q: Most of our guests do not live in the area. Where would they stay?

A: There are many choices for guest accommodations in the area. Please see the Location section of our website. (Coming Soon)