Barn Dreams

How we got started

Doug Marshall on the right and Kyle Hughes on the Left

Heron Ponds in Delmar, MD was originally developed as a residential development consisting over 300 houses. As the economy grew and changed, the 30 acres of land that now sits Kylan Barn was set aside and rezoned from residential to commercial. Landowner, Doug Marshall, who grew up loving concerts and events, had a vision for Delmar. Doug ended up following his family business and became an auctioneer, but the hustle and bustle of the auction business led Doug to begin developing his amphitheater idea. Doug began adding ponds and shaping out a berm that can hold up to 6,000 people. Over the years Heron Ponds Amphitheater has hosted amazing performances including Everclear, Kelli Pickler and David Allan Coe and plans on hosting more in the future.

Local photographer Kyle Hughes had dreams of opening a barn-style wedding venue on the eastern shore. For years Kyle was let down, trying to figure ways around issues due to red tape and people who didn’t share Kyle’s vision. In 2015, real estate agent, Delmar town board member and childhood friend, Joel Maher, called Kyle to advise of a potential location for a venue. Soon thereafter, Doug and Kyle set a meeting which then led to collaboration with a contractor. A unique design was created and the construction process began. After nearly two years of joined forces, Kylan Barn is finally born!

Located on the Mason Dixon line in Delmar, Maryland, Kylan Barn is a 3,200 square foot all-wood barn in the middle of 30 acres of commercial land. This Old-Amish inspired post and beam barn has a beautiful white washed interior offering a warm, soft light perfect for elegant pictures. Kyle, being a photographer for 15 years, has extensive knowledge in weddings, photographs, landscapes and backgrounds. Kyle and Doug are striving to create one of the best event venues the Eastern Shore has to offer!

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